Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Theatre, Sweetie, Dahhling.

Hubby & I have lived in and around the most lovely Henley-on-Thames for four years now and yet we have never ventured into the local Kenton Theatre. As hubby said, we really should support our local 'amenities' and so we decided to go. The Henley Players (the 'am-dram' society) were performing Agatha Christie's 'A Murder is Announced', and since hubby & I are big fans of the great Agatha, what better time to make our first visit to the theatre, dahling?

About 20mins before we were due to set off I did have a minor panic about what one should wear to one's local theatre but, since I am 'with child', I have to go for comfort over glamour and, thus, stuck with my usual clothes rather than hiring a ball gown and raiding the jewellery box for the family tiara. Imagine my horror when we arrived at the door to the theatre and I saw a man wearing black tie! And there was hubby in a fleece and cords. Prepare to stand out like the poor relations, I thought. But then, breathing a sigh of relief, I realised the man also sported a name badge and was simply collecting our tickets. Phew. Luckily, most of our fellow theatre-goers were casually dressed, although there was one 'older' lady doing a great impersonation of Barbara Cartland (but in black instead of pink) and sporting a huge pair of 'I've just had plastic surgery' sunglasses.

Now, did I mention that this was an 'am-dram' performance? Well, let's just say some of the participants (I won't call them actors) were decidedly on the 'am' side. Still, it was enjoyable nonetheless. I most particularly enjoyed the part where the lady two seats along from me fell asleep and her head kept nodding as she desparately fought to stay awake, and as her husband kept nudging her until he, too, dropped off. But, I must say, that despite the fact it was quite an 'am' performance, I still enjoyed it rather a lot and am looking forward to our next visit to the theatre on Christmas Eve to see 'A Christmas Carol'. Perhaps I'll even get the tiara out.

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