Monday, 6 October 2008

You Can Take the Boy Out of Wigan...

Yesterday morning when we awoke it was absolutely tipping down with rain. Hubby had clearly had a bump to the head during the night since he suggested that we go in to Reading to have a look round the shops and, not only that, to look at the shops selling baby items. His reasoning was that there wasn't much else we could do due to the weather (by which he actually meant he couldn't go to his allotment and play in the mud.) Obviously I jumped at the chance to spend some money and so we set off.

As we were driving along I suggested that perhaps we could go to Yo Sushi for lunch since we had a voucher for 'buy one, get one free' on their dishes. Dear hubby isn't a fan of sushi and, at the moment, I have to steer clear of raw fish (not that I would choose to eat it at any other time anyway) but I can't seem to convince him that Yo Sushi serves so much more than just uncooked cod. But bless him, his comment really was a corker when I said 'let's go there' - 'Yo Sushi, for Sunday lunch?', to which I replied 'Come on, Mr Wigan, step outside your comfort zone.'

In the end, we didn't actually make it to Yo Sushi but instead settled for a cheese sarnie from M&S due to both feeling a little bit dazed after two hours looking at prams...

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