Friday, 17 October 2008

Things That Go 'Moo' in the Night

My parents decided they wanted a little 'holiday' in the countryside and so they came to stay with us over the weekend. On Monday morning Mum told me that she had woken up in the night to see that one of the outside security lights was on; she got up to investigate but couldn't see anything from the kitchen windows. When she went back to the bedroom though, she looked out of the window and could see a tarpaulin in the garden moving. Upon closer inspection out of the dark of the night loomed a large black figure which gave Mum a bit of a fright until she finally was able to work out that it was in fact a cow! My father wasn't particularly interested in having a look as he thought Mum had said there was a 'cat' in the garden, which really wouldn't have been a strange occurence.

When I told hubby he did wonder if mother had been taking drugs. She did admit to having a couple of paracetamol before going to bed, but nothing more hallucinogenic. Today, however, hubby had to admit that mother must have been right when he found a large cow pat in the middle of the lawn. The joys of living in the countryside!

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  1. Too funny...what is it about us humans that seem to want to investigate large looming shadows in the throws of darkness? At least it was a random cow...


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