Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Hallowe'en!

Yey! The snow has gone. To be replaced by a sharp frost and the need to scrape ice from the car windows before setting off for work. So, we're not quite it the realms of BBQs (so pleased to hear the weather is great in Melbourne, Sam), but I am hoping that this slight warm-up will mean that my commute to work will not be quite as treacherous as it was the other morning when I skidded on a patch of ice and ploughed our new car in to the kerb. Oops. Still, no damage done, except to my nerves...

So, it's Hallowe'en! Woooooooooo [insert your own version of a scary ghost noise]. Unfortunately, it's not really a big deal here in Blighty. I wish we were in the US of A where the pumpkin reigns supreme. I saw Pie mention Pumpkin Spice Coffee on her Facebook page the other day - I WANT SOME OF THAT (even though I'm off coffee at the moment), so I shall be wending my merry way to Starbucks this evening to see what Hallowe'en-shaped drinks they have to offer me. And then it's on to Woolworths, where pick'n'mix is king, before hubby & I go to the cinema to see the much-maligned new Bond film, Quantum of Solace. It's really just an excuse to eat sweeties, not that we ever really need an excuse...

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