Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wonders Will Never Cease

Poor hubby had to have a lie down last night after we went out for a meal. Not because he had eaten too much (although he probably had, as had I) but because it was my treat. It's the first time hubby has been able to go out without his wallet since the end of 2007 - ah, the joys of earning a living! I did, of course, make it known that we wouldn't be having a dessert, after all I'm not made of money...

Still, I can heartily recommend (to the carnivores amongst you) the eating establishment we frequented - Mix & Mash at The Old White Horse in Henley - where they serve 17 varieties of sausage, seven of mash and four different gravies which you can try in any combination you desire. Hubby went for beer sausage with regular mash and Brakspears beer gravy while I tried out the pork & black pudding sausage with cheese mash and onion gravy. Yum in my tum! I couldn't eat all the mash and am wishing at this very monent (9.06am) that I has asked for a doggy bag as I could happily start scoffing right now. If only we lived in the good old US of A where a doggy bag is de rigeur, instead of in the UK where it's just not the done thing. Next time I'm going to take a tupperware box.

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