Tuesday, 11 September 2012

House Renovation. One Year (and a Bit) On. 31.08.12

Here's the front door getting its first coat of stain one year ago. These days I'm not sure I like the colour - it seems a bit orange-y; believe it or not, at the time it was the least 'coloured' stain I could find, but I wonder if I should have tried harder to find something which would protect the wood but with absolutely no colour in it at all.
This is how it looks now; see what I mean about the orange? Or is it just me? Perhaps to everyone else it just looks like a wooden door.
One day that ugly concrete path will be consigned to the history books, but for now we just have to make do.
Inside now, and here's hubby's wardrobe with some fresh paint on the doors and the fancy light switched on inside. Why we ever bothered getting lights inside our wardrobes is something we ask ourselves frequently. We've never used them.
One year on; the door on the right does open, but I've left it shut for continuities sake. Such a professional, aren't I?!
And here's my wardrobe a year ago; bare.  
And now, groaning at the seams. The light is pretty useless since I've crammed so much stuff in front of it that even if it were switched on it wouldn't cast much light in the wardrobe. But at least the shelf that the carpenter built is being used to capacity. And the hanging rail, of course. Plus the extra hooks that I screwed into the doors for scarves, belts, bags. Oh, and those hooks at the back that I showed you a few posts ago for my necklaces.
Out on the landing, one year ago, the bannisters had received another coat of paint.
And now, not just paint but a towel too.
And one year ago, here are the bannisters leading up to the top floor.
And now; carpet, pictures and even a pretty lightshade.
 And finally, here's my office one year ago with the painting finished and the lights in place; those white things on the floor are the doors from the eaves storage space.
 And now. Complete tip.

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