Wednesday, 5 September 2012

House Renovation. One Year (Plus a Few Days) On. 18.08.2012

One year ago and not only did we get handles on the cupboards/drawers, we also got some spanking new gorgeous oak worktops. Both the handles and the worktops were sourced via the good old t'interweb for bargain prices; in total the handles (for 22) cost just under £60 (inc P&P; from here, in case you're in the market for some door furniture!) compared to the £10 each that somewhere like Homebase wanted. The worktops came from here and cost jsut under £300, inc delivery.
One year on, the door handles are still attached and the worktops are still in looking good (a few marks as you might expect, but these can be sanded out [if we can be bothered...])
You can see in this photo a couple of the wall tiles we picked up for a bargain when Focus DIY was closing down. You can also see a wire sticking out of the wall on the right; this was where we intended to hang an old electric clock that we picked up at Bridport Vintage Market; unfortunately, although the clock looked the part, it made such a noise when plugged in that we had to abandon that plan.
One year on, the tiles are working well and the electric cable is hidden behind the old bottles on the shelf unit; we may use it one day, who knows, but at least it's there if we want it.
Oooo, look at that lovely run of worktop, don't you just want to lay your cheek (face cheek, please, for hygiene reasons) on it and 'oooh' and 'ahhh' over it?!
One year on; slight clutter issue. Including DC's new lunch bag for his first day at pre-school. 1,2,3 aaahhhh!
Another before shot.
And one random shot of the bathroom; don't know why.
One year on.

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