Friday, 7 September 2012

House Renovation. One Year (and a Bit) On. 25.08.12

On this day in history the fancy magnetic-closing shower screen was fitted on the L-shaped bath. And the builder/plumber left lots of rubbish in the bath; nice.
These days it's looking a bit cleaner (if you ignore the hardwater marks - any one else live in a hardwater area; is it a nightmare or what?!)

Here's a view of the smaller of the two guest rooms, complete with new radiator. 
And now; with a desk and a bed.
I'm thinking of setting my sewing machine up in here with the thought that if it's out on display I might use it a bit more often...
Here's the landing, this time last year. That's the view through to our bedroom; the little guest room (as featured above) is immediately on the left in this photo.
And now.
My office, last year.
And now.
I know I bemoan the mess every time I post about it.
One day I promise I will tidy it up. Honest.
Hubby's office, this time last year.
And now.
And this is the view down from the half-landing to the hallway.
Can you see the lovely (original) parquet flooring? We really wanted to save it and get some to match in the space to the right (which is where the downstairs loo used to be), but our flooring people couldn't get any that would match (new parquet is slightly bigger, unfortunately) so we decided to replace it with the oak that runs through the rest of downstairs (except the snug.) 
And now.
Although we wanted to keep the parquet, I think that the oak flooring is lighter, so perhaps we were best to go with it after all. Hopefully one day we'll get round to buying a nice mat for inside the door, to replace the offcut of carpet that we're currently using...

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