Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm All Hooked Up

Uh huh.
(Presumably you read that as I did, with a curled lip and a jutting pelvis, a la Elvis?)
But I'm not here to talk songs; I'm here to talk hooks. Let me paint a little picture: in my previous life (ie before the arrival of DC), I used to wear necklaces; not all of the time, but some of the time - long dangly necklaces, mostly. These were left over from my days working at Monsoon/Accessorize where, as part of our 'uniform' we had to wear three pieces of current stock jewellery every time we worked. Luckily, we got a massive 75% off the store price, so it was a pleasure to buy new jewellery on a regular basis which could be worn outside of work as well as to work.
Fast forward a few years and the arrival of DC, a babe in arms who would have loved to get his little mitts with their vice-like grip around Mummy's necklace and pull it til it either a) choked Mummy or b) snapped. But I was ahead of the game and gave up wearing anything round my neck once DC got to the age of about eight weeks. Ha, spoiled your fun there, kiddo.
Fast forward three more years and DC isn't quite so interested in trying to strangle Mummy or break things (we're waiting for teenage-dom before that sort of behaviour recommences.) So, a few months ago I took to wearing a lovely necklace that Hubby bought for me when we were travelling in Guatemala (when we had a life, pre-DC.) It's quite a simple little wood and silver pendant on a simple and fairly short silver chain. At this point it might be nice to insert a photo of said necklace, but I haven't taken one and the necklace is now upstairs, meanwhile I'm downstairs, and lazy.
Then, the other day I thought it might be nice to wear a different necklace - a longer and slightly jazzier one to go with the black and white outfit I was wearing. So, over to my jewellery box I trotted (not really, but the word fits nicely)


only to be confronted by this unholy mess. I could barely see the necklace I wanted to wear. And yes, that is a Donky Kong Jnr game in the top left corner and a cork bottom right.
Something had to be done; a little 'something' that had been in my head for quite some time; see that strip of wood holding up the shelf at the back of my wardrobe? Well, that featured heavily in my plan.
I had a rummage in the tool box, found three (cup) hooks and a hammer and set to work; a few sharp taps on each hook, followed by several turns of each hook and we were away.
Oh, and then I had to spend about an hour detangling the mass of necklaces (and bracelets) in the jewellery box.
But finally, I was able to sort and hang my necklaces.
Ta dah!!
From left to right: larger necklaces (on a large hook); neutral necklaces; green-y necklaces.
What a good thing that I only seem to have necklaces in three sizes/colourways, because we only had three hooks in the tool box. Woe betide I should ever buy/be given a red necklace...
Apart from the jewellery box looking a lot tidier and the necklaces being much more accessible, the good thing about this set up is that I actually remember the necklaces exist; when they were in the box across the room it didn't really cross my mind to pick one out to wear; but now, every time I go into my wardrobe for an outift, the necklaces are right there calling out 'choose me, choose me, I'm neutral, I go with anything'

Sometimes it's the little things that make life that much easier.


  1. Brilliant idea, Justine. Just be careful of 'spiky' necklaces, that might snag fine fabrics in your clothes.


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