Thursday, 6 September 2012

House Renovation, One Year (and a Bit) On. 22.08.12

More exciting advances in the house on this day in history - we got some radiators! This is the one in the living area.
And now: white walls, pictures, tv, chair, clutter...
And this one is sort of in between the living and kitchen areas.
And now: white walls, wood floors, child-based detritus...
Oh, and some of the ugly pipes in the snug got boxed in.

And the sink and taps were installed!
When we bought the house the kitchen was actually at the front, but we really wanted this view from the sink, looking out over the back garden, so the kitchen was relocated, along with almost everything else in the entire house.
And now: the view is much better (although you can't really tell in this photo) since we can now see so much more of the lovely brick wall at the bottom of the garden, and we've removed several large shrubs and flower beds to make the lawn larger (and the garden more child-friendly and manageable.)
And one year ago today was the day when we needed to make a decision on the flooring.
Anyone else find it virtually impossible to make a choice from such tiddly samples?! 
In the end we went with the middle shade, I think; or was it bottom right?
Well, here it is in situ on the half-landing.
And here's the equally tiddly piece of wood flooring sample. The house we were renting at the time had the paler flooring seen underneath; we knew we wanted something darker, and the sample fitted the bill.

In situ in the kitchen.
That's it for today!


  1. That wood flooring looks gorgeous - can't wait for our renovations to re-start

  2. I know exactly what you mean about tiddly samples! Currently I have a study full of 10cm square stone ones. Perhaps I'll just keep them all and have a mosaic??


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