Wednesday, 12 September 2012

House Renovation. One Year and a Bit On. 02.09.12

Here's the inside of the front door, one year ago. All of the door furniture has been attached and a coat (or perhaps two?) of the stain has been applied.
One year on, not a lot has changed except for my marvellous home-made draught excluder on the letter box, made from a cereal box (very Blue Peter.) One day I'll get round to buying a proper draught excluder/flap thing, but the letter box is larger than standard so it's not something I can just pick up from a DIY store.

Here's the understairs cupboard all shiney and painted, but without handles.
And now, with handles and hidden behind a mound of coats.
The carpet-less stairs and shiney painted bannister, this time last year.
And now.
 The stairwell last year.
 And now. Not much has changed.
This is one corner of the dining area, with some levelling 'stuff' laid down before the oak flooring was fitted. 
And the same corner now. Hmmm, bit untidy. But the floor looks nice!
 Here's the new, sparkly oven just fitted, one year ago.
 And here it is now. Not so sparkly now, but it's not so bad if you don't open the door...
And finally, hubby's wardrobe one year ago.
 And now.

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