Tuesday, 4 September 2012

House Renovation. One Year (and a Bit) On. 17.08.12

Ooo, a sparkly new cooker hood!
 One year on and it's not quite so sparkly, but at least the pipes above are all boxed in and we have 'accessorized' with so-called kitchenalia (a.k.a dust collectors in various shades of cream and green.)
In the snug, the hideous concrete block (a.k.a the hearth) is still drying out.
One year on, at least we've sort of disguised it with the coal scuttle(s) and various unnecessary bits. Oh, and the pipes are boxed in at the left of the chimney breast, so that's an improvement.

Outside the house on the evening of Wednesday 17th August 2011. All of the lights had finally been wired up so we went round to switch them all on and check that they worked/were in the right places/we didn't want more/less (although it was probably a bit late by then to be changing our minds on what light went where.) I took this photo from outside because I thought it looked kind of cool in a spooky Hallowe'en way. Almost looks like the place in on fire...
Same night, but this is the front of the house.
Now that we have electricity bills to pay, I'm not inclined to switch all of the lights on at night, so there are no comparison photos, but fear not, tomorrow brings more 'One Year On' shots for your delight and delectation!

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