Saturday, 22 September 2012

House Renovation. One Year (and then some) On. 09.09.11

Apologies for the dearth of posts this past week, it's been a little hectic round these parts - first off the International Businessman (a.k.a. hubby) jetted off to Rome for three days, leaving me in sole charge of the small child; then it was my turn to have a jolly - a couple of days in London with my Canadian cousin. Anyhoo, we're all back in one place now, so I can get back in the blogging saddle. Without further ado, I give you...
The self-levelling latex stuff had been laid in the area of the hallway where the cloakroom used to be; we had the cloakroom removed in order to open up the hallway, make it much lighter and more spacious. We were intending to have a downstairs loo/shower room fitted out in what is still the garage, but we ran out of money, so that part of the build is on (indefinite) hold.
Now: looks much smarter now that the oak flooring has been laid; just need to sort out a doormat to replace to scrappy piece of carpet we currently use.
More self-levelling latex goop, this time slap-bang in the middle of the living room/kitchen.
 And now; you can barely see the oak flooring for the furniture/clutter.
 Here's the oak flooring in its packaging, acclimatising in the snug prior to being fitted.
The snug now.
Can you see the new addition? My mum gave me the little table in front of the grandmother clock; it's a future project as, unfortunately, it's not so nice to look at close-up as it is from this distance.
Now, isn't this just a lovely photo? It's not supposed to be a close-up of the ensuite toilet pan, but of the boxing in of the pipework behind.
Same spot today; I put the lid down to save our blushes.
Boxing in of the pipework in the bathroom, one year ago.
And today.


  1. I love the flooring in your bathroom (I know I've seen it before)and the oak flooring looks beautiful. We've come to the end of the money several times before we came to the end of the renovations, I know that feeling well!

  2. At first glance I thought you'd been flooded! Thank god that isn't the case.

  3. This is awesome! I've been trying to do some bathroom renovation , and this gave me some great insight for things to try. Thanks for sharing!

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